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Our Services: What We can Do for You

How can we help you to fulfil your dreams of commercial success?

There remain many different strands to executive recruitment, and at Hanley Roe LLC we take care of each with care, diligence and an unparalleled attention to detail. From researching and sourcing the very finest in specific industry talent, our dedicated team also strive to attract these employees and incorporate them into your existing business structure, brokering any necessary employment contracts and agreements in the process. Regardless of whether your organization seeks staff on a contract basis or direct hire assignments, at Hanley Roe LLC we will take care of every detail and partner your firm with the most suitable of executive candidates.

Local and National Search Services

Why finding the very best regional and national U.S. talent is only the beginning

Local and National Searches

At Hanley Roe LLC we strive to serve all industries, with a focus on assisting as many companies as possible throughout Northern America. Similarly, when it comes to identifying the very finest talent in each market sector, our nationwide operation allows us to reach candidates who are located anywhere within the boundaries of the U.S..So as well as seeking out the very best in local talent for your business, we also look further afield to ensure that the candidates we supply are selected based on their level of ability and industry standing rather than their geographical location.

Attracting and Retaining Industry Talent

Despite the prevailing levels of high unemployment in the U.S., the vast majority of top industry talent remain affiliated with an existing brand or company. This means that while finding your ideal candidate is a significant part of the battle that we face as executive service providers, it is by no means the only challenge that must be tackled during the recruitment process. Where coveted candidates are already employed by similar companies, Hanley Roe LLC will strive to not only interest them in your cause but also facilitate any necessary employment contracts and compensation packages.

  • Attracting Industry Talent: There are many factors that motivate individuals to work, and at Hanley Roe LLC we believe that understanding these is the key to attracting the very best industry talent available. Whether your organization offers the most competitive employee salaries or a uniquely defined vision of where it aspires to be, our team will create the most attractive package possible to entice and engage suitable candidates.
  • Employment Contracts: Another issue that can complicate the recruitment process is each employees contractual demands, as bridging the gap between their expectations and what your company is able to offer often provides a barrier to employment. At Hanley Roe LLC we will play an active role in mediating between your brand and the employee that you wish to hire, to ensure that both parties settle on an employment contract that is mutually beneficial and meets as many demands as it is able to.
  • Compensation Packages: In order to obtain the very finest industry talent for your business, it is often the unfortunate case that another firm must endure the loss of a well respected and knowledgeable member of staff. While this is not an ideal set of circumstances, at Hanley Roe LLC we consider it to be an unavoidable facet of high level executive recruitment. Our consultants therefore strive to negotiate agreeable packages of compensation where necessary, in order to protect the reputation of both your firm and each individual employee.

Discreet Executive Search Services

The importance of discreet and well organized executive recruitment

As an executive search brand that focuses on all industries and market sectors, at Hanley Roe LLC we understand that each and every industry is vulnerable to different threats and markets factors. While some are generic and host to thousands of organizations with little or no correlation, others are niche industries where each brand and major organization is closely affiliated to each other. In terms of the latter, discreet executive search services are an important part of our overall service, in order to protect your firms privacy and the integrity of its future plans for growth.

The need for a discreet executive search is prompted by many things, from the desire to replace an underachieving executive staff member to an overall business philosophy that focuses on privacy and covert operational tactics. Regardless of this original need however, at Hanley Roe LLC it is our understanding of business and trading at its most fundamental level which allows us to orchestrate and deliver your discreet executive search and maintain your brands privacy at all times. After all, upholding the discretion of your business activities can be key to achieving long term goals, especially when it comes to sourcing and hiring the very individuals who can turn success from a vision into something far more tangible.