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About Us: Your Number One Choice for Executive Recruitment

Let us use our expertise to source and supply your executive candidates

A successful organization is founded on the ability of its staff members, and more specifically the diversity of skills that each team or department has at its disposal. To prosper within a competitive market place or strained economy, companies must have access to the very finest industry talent and expertise that is available at any given time. At Hanley Roe LLC we not only understand this principle, but also strive to play an influential role in sourcing and supplying the most qualified executive talent to meet your firms organizational needs.

The significance of high quality executive staff cannot be underestimated in our current economic climate, most notably because it is these business leaders and consultants who strategize and plan for a companies success. At Hanley Roe LLC we successfully attract and retain the very finest examples of this talent across numerous market sectors, and by capitalizing on this you can ensure that your business is well equipped to thrive in difficult financial times. We aim to find those who can lead and define your business, so that it may evolve regardless of the social and economic factors that develop around it.

At Hanley Roe LLC our own success has been driven by an acute understanding of our clients needs, regardless of the industry or market in which they operate. This in depth knowledge of individual commercial sectors and the employment structures that exist within each has enabled us to maintain good relations with more than 90% of our clients during the last decade, as we have grown alongside them and helped them to achieve their aspirations. When you consider this alongside the outstanding success of our regional and national search facilities, then it is clear that Hanley Roe LLC has access to a wide and uniquely qualified range of corporate talent.

So whether you require a departmental restructure, additional members for your executive team or simply a replacement for a departing member of staff, Hanley Roe LLC is the outstanding choice as a supplier of the finest talent from across the U.S..